Who & what is a Rocket Chair

Books are stories, not pages. We are readers, creators, authors, poets, designers, educators, illustrators, animators, directors, collaborators and publishers of stories - old and new - that used to only be read on paper. We are nostalgic for reading's past, but more excited about building its future.

By emphasizing story above all else, we make artfully crafted multimedia reading experiences that interface with the way people read in our digital age - exploring beyond the page.

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Here are some nice things some nice people in some lovely publications said about us that we are grateful for and want to share with you

"It takes a lot of restraint given the iPad's vast capabilities to realize a vision as decidedly stark and spare as this, but the folks at Rocket Chair Media are steadily distinguishing themselves as inspired devotees of minimalism—and maybe even pioneering a new literary art form in the process. Just as Hollywood, with its bag of digital tricks, still can’t match the awesomeness contained in a single comic-book panel, it’s hard to imagine any electronic wizardry that could match the expansive imagery that Hutchinson’s haunting words and illustrator Golombeck's sparse drawings spark in the mind."

Kirkus (starred review) on The Garden by Ishion Hutchinson

"Told solely on the Internet, the story is a blend of midrashic and modern styles enlivened by Golombeck’s evocative images of shtetl life. As a whole, it signifies a step forward, not only for good Jewish art using new mediums to tell new stories, but also as an exploration into how the past persists and how we can create within this persistence."

Joe Winkler in Tablet on Radzyn

"This marvelously restrained iPad app might just be the ultimate platform for conveying the claustrophobic creepiness inherent in Poe’s gothic tale of a killer betrayed by his own insanity."

Kirkus Best Books of 2013 (starred review) on The Tell-Tale Heart

"In this inventive and original app, the now-classic story unfolds through the user’s twists, turns, and pinches, which prompt words to meander through eerily atmospheric pen-and-ink and watercolor illustrations. Even without sound effects and videos, the movement of the text and images evokes the tingling sensation of a cockroach crawling across the screen."

Jewniverse on The Metamorphosis for iPad

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